Image by Kristin Jakubek

Minor Makers Lab: Exploring Material Futures at AUAS

This semester course taught at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences challenges you to think critically about the way you make and design. You acquire hands-on knowledge and skills that enable you to experience how things might be made differently and discover alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of man-made things.

More about the Minor Makers Lab course at AUAS.

Highlight: Makers Lab X Biodesign!

In the 2021 and 2022 editions of the minor, we partnered up with the Biodesign Challenge, an international competition and education program to support and shape the first generation of biodesigners. In 2022, our team was one of the six finalists and our Biomaterials instructor Sam Edens received the prize for most outstanding instructor of the competition. The 2023 edition of the minor will not participate in the Biodesign Challenge due to clashing schedules but we will incorporate biodesign into the minor.

Image credit: Biodesign Challenge