What happens after you arrive in a shared workspace and set goals for a project? Things don’t just happen by themselves. Interpersonal differences, making rules and decisions, negotiating differences of opinion and sharing limited resources need careful consideration in order to make things happen. Who decides what is right, useful, true or worthwhile?


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In pairs, design and create a “plot party*” to research your peers’ preferences when it comes to working in collaborative environments. Come up with an evocative statement or question that you can invite your classmates to respond to, based on this week’s readings. The plot party should give us insight into the collaborative patterns and preferences within the group. We will all respond to each other’s plot party’s before the next show and tell. Suggested tools: laser cutter and vinyl cutter (can also be used as drawing machine).

*This format has many names and often remains unnamed. At the Visual Methodologies Collective, we call this format of eliciting responses a “plot party”. It is an engaging manner of gathering information and personal views from various people and also acts as collaborative visual intervention that can be used to elicit responses about certain issues, to formulate (better) research questions, gather opinions and start a discussion, or identify priorities around a specific topic. Plot parties hold a playful and informal middle ground between a questionnaire, an infographic and a discussion starter. As such it can be an attractive exploration and research tool for events and gatherings. Check out the references below.


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Studio Tast at Dutch Design Week
A plot party at de Gezonde Stad 2018, The Student Hotel Amsterdam by the Visual Methodologies Collective